Digital medicine

Examples of Czech projects in the field of digital medicine and therapy

Analysis of Czech digital projects focused on the use of mobile devices in health care

IQVIA report on trends for 2021

Report on current trends in digital medicine and its possible development following COVID-19

The Future of Health Management 2030: Growing Up in the Digital World

Extensive study examining the acceptance and use of digital medicine in children and adolescents

Gary Monk - Last Month in Digital Health

Monthly reports on Digital Health by Gary Monk, a leading expert in this field of health care

Clinical research

Strategy of wearable devices use in clinical trials

ICON report on the use of mobile technologies and connected devices in clinical trials

The most common portable devices in clinical research

Litmus health - Overview of digital devices by price, connectivity, battery life or data form and data granularity

CBINSIGHT - Article on the digitization of clinical trials

Patient’s journey through a typical clinical trial process with use cases for emerging technologies at each step.

Deloitte - Transforming the future of clinical development

Deloitte interviewed 43 participants in the drug development process to better understand future settings

Apps in the field of digitization of clinical trials

Map of software tools for digitization of clinical trials through wider use of digital biomarkers and other innovations.

DIME Playbook - analysis of the use of digital biomarkers

List of case studies with benefits and risks accompanying the use of digital biomarkers in the development of medical products

Wellness programs

Analysis of wellness application software for employers

Wellsteps - A comprehensive analysis of wellness software programs for employers and their employees

Determinants of Health - health is more than medical care

89% of health occurs outside of the clinical space through our genetics, behavior, environment and social circumstances.

Examination of Clinical Trial Cost

Detailed cost information made available by Medidata Solutions, a global provider of cloud-based solutions for clinical research.

Albion VC - overview of digital projects in Europe

List of European digi-projects divided into the digital healthcare and pharmaceutical industries