Laboratory for the integration of digital medicine

What we do

Thanks to the digital devices we have in our hands or in our pockets every day, we are able to collect huge amounts of data. Such data, which we can use in healthcare for faster diagnostics or more accurate treatment focused on the patient.

Cooperation with doctors

Use of the BYOD principle for sharing patient data for early detection of unwanted values

Research studies

Evaluation of selected treatment measures in real time in clinical research

Patient programs

Integration of digital medicine tools for greater patient involvement in treatment and managed care programs

We work on interesting projects in the Czech Republic and abroad

Do you have an interesting idea for using modern technology for remote monitoring in your work or research? Then we will be happy to hear about you and your project.

Pilot projects
Feasibility study

We are developing our own technology platform

We work with experts in the field of collecting digital biomarkers, creating mobile and web applications or developing an integration platform for connecting any digital device that the patient uses.

BYOD library
Data collection application

We test new devices and applications in the field of digital medicine

Within the hub, we create an ecosystem where, in addition to ideas, articles and inspiration, we also share different types of modern remote monitoring devices that anyone can try or borrow.

Articles and analyses
Equipment rental

Laboratory partners

We are glad to have experts, who want to pass on their experience, and corporate partners interested in cooperating with the hub